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                                             About research unit


The research deputy’s unit at UNRC:


This unit under the supervision of the research deputy of UNRC is accountable to assess research projects (such as preparing the proposals, approving the proposals, signing the agreements, and meeting the related costs), editing and submitting the papers to the domestic and international journals, entering the data and the related statistical analyses, holding the related seminars and congresses, also holding the biennial Avicenna Research Festivals.

The following includes the tasks procedure at the research deputy’s unit:  


-         The procedure for assessing a submitted project to UNRC

-         The procedure for entering the data and the related analysis

-         The financial procedure for an approved project at UNRC


UNRC scientific and research committees:


-         Oncourology committee

-         Urinary, endourology, and laparoscopy committee

-         Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and the transplantation committee

-         Cellular and molecular biology committee

-         Statistics and epidemiology committee



The main research lines at UNRC:


-         Urinary tract neoplasms

-         Urolithiasis, endourology, and laparoscopy

-         CKD and transplantation






The ethical committee


This committee started to function independently at UNRC since 2007 and bear the responsibility of assessing the ethical and legal aspects of the research committee’s approved projects.


The committee includes the following members:


  • Dr. Abbas Basiri;                                                                      Head of UNRC
  • Dr. Seyed Mohammadmehdi Hosseini Moghaddam;          Research deputy at UNRC
  • Dr. Mahmood Abbassi                                                             Legal advisor
  • Dr. Parvin Yavari                                                                       Epidemiologist
  • Dr. Hasan Argani                                                                      Nephrologist
  • Hujjatul Islam  Taj Abadi                                                           Faqih and shari‘ah advisor





UNRC as a national foundation has accomplished various activities in the following fields:


  • Cooperation in holding workshops and congresses
  • Carrying out national and multi-central projects
  • Forming a policymaking council including the chiefs of the urological specialist groups from all over the country in the shape of the “needs assessment plan”
  • Preparing the strategic plans of the center with bringing into consideration the views of the chiefs of the urological specialist groups from all over the country and the other beneficiaries
  • Preparing a guideline for viral hepatitis C: a practical guide for diagnosis, treatment, and control in the kidney disease patients, hemodialysis and transplantation wards     
  • Assessing the nationwide burden of the nephrological diseases
  • Assessing the nationwide burden of the urological diseases
  • Numerous research projects are underway on a nationwide scale at UNRC


Educational and research activities of the center to date:


  • Total number of approved projects:     249 topics
  • Total number of completed projects:   175 topics
  • Multi-central projects:                              26 topics
  • The jointly completed research projects with the research centers abroad ( 2 topics) 


Completed national projects to date: 


  • Studying and assessing the current demands in the field of kidney diseases in Iran
  • Studying the prevalence, the health status and the treatment model for infertility in Iran
  • Epidemiologic study and presenting preventive protocols for urinary tract stones in Iran
  • Assessment of the burden of urologic diseases in Iran
  • Assessment of the burden of chronic renal diseases  in Iran
  • Studying the level and the weight of bladder cancer risk factors in Iran
  • Studying the frequency of hepatitis B, C, and D in hemodialysis patients in Iran
  • Determining the distribution of various hepatitis C virus genotypes in hemodialysis patients in Tehran






Published papers to date:


Domestic journals:                    105  topics


International journals:                181 topics




Presented papers at congresses:


Domestic congresses:                321 topics


International congresses:           236  topics





Invention patents:


Discovery of modified variants for Survivin gene


Patent for laparoscopic operations training apparatus




Submission: 11/10/2009, Modified: 7/28/2014