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The primary goal of the UNRC laboratory is to understand biological processes at the molecular and cellular level through the application of a wide range of methods. We study the genetic basis of urologic and nephrologic disease as well as regeneration of kidney and bladder.

We investigate specific problems in human health and disease and provide training in research methods for students, postdoctoral scientists and sabbatical visitors at all stages in their careers. Our aim is to establish a bridge from bed to bench and we can do it by using our skills parallel to modern instruments in our laboratory. By the way in which recent advances in molecular and cellular techniques are revolutionising diagnosis and treatment of human disease.

The Laboratory encourages the transfer of knowledge and know-how about particular advances, techniques and ideas through lectures, courses, collaborations.

Methods and Instrumentation:

The Laboratory has a number of central facilities which include: florescent microscopes, stereo and phase contrast microscopes , thermocyclers , well equipped centrifuges , -80˚C freezers , special device for UV documentation, spectrophotometers , Class I and Class II laminar flow cabinets , cell culture incubators , electrophoresis ,

bioinformatics’ lab , precise scales and other required devices.

We are expert in different molecular and cellular methods like PCR , RT-PCR , DNA and RNA extraction , Immunocytochemistry , SSCP , production of cell therapy, stem cell culture and differentiation .


DNA extraction

RNA extraction



Cell culture




Farzaneh Sharifi Aghdas,MD, Associate Professor of Urology

Member of supreme council of UNRC

Nasser Shakhssalim, MD, Assistant Professor of Urology- Deputy for Executive Affaires

Affiliate Members :

Masoud Hooshmand, PHD, Assistant Professor of Medical Molecular Genetic

Masoud Soleimani ,PHD, Assistant Professor of Hematology,tarbiat


            Hossein Baharvand, PHD, Associate Professor of Developmental Biology , Royan

Bahram Kazemi , PHD, Professor of Parasitology

Contact Us:

44th ,9th Boostan,Pasdaran, Tehran,Iran, 11111111

Tel: +98 21 22567222

Fax: +98 21 22567282


Submission: 12/15/2008, Modified: 7/28/2014