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In order to do research and offer the required heath-care/therapeutic solutions for kidney and urinary tract diseases and with regard to the scientific-research background of the Urology Group of Shahid Beheshti University, the establishment of the UNRC was agreed upon at the 125th meeting of the Medical University Development Council in 1999.

This center aims at sponsoring research projects and developing them so as to elevate the health level of the society, train researchers in renal fields and open new horizons in medical research. This center first began to work in a single room located at the end of kidney transplantation ward of Shahid Dr. Labbafinejad Medical Center. In 2003 more physical space and hardware/software facilities in a separate building were allocated to the center, which are hoped to create better conditions for the achievement of the aims of the center. 


Board of Founders

The members of the board of founders, who are all from among outstanding researchers and professors in the fields of research and treatment are as follows:

·         Abbas basiri,MD,  Professor of Urology

·          Seyed Yousef Hosseini, MD, Professor of Urology

·          Nasser Simforoosh, MD,Professor of Urology

·          Abdolmohammad Kajbafzadeh, MD,Associate Professor of Urology

·          Davoud Yadegari,MD, Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases


Submission: 10/8/2008, Modified: 7/21/2014