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                                                                       UNRC’s Mission


The UNRC is affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences. This research and education complex is in compliance with the plans designated by the Ministry of Heath in the field of urology and nephrology.

Clients of the UNRC are policy makers in health, faculty members from all academic centers in Iran, students and residents, scientific societies, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, research centers, international societies, and the public.

In line with the national and international priorities, we are willing to take essential steps for resolving problems in the health system and producing scientific knowledge in the field of kidney and urinary tract diseases. In the research area, we attempt to provide the infrastructures required for investigators and experts, and attract the elite in the research field. As a center with an educational responsibility, we will do our best to be effective and to present the research results in the local and international journals for the public and the scientific circles.

To reach our goals, we are planning to have effective cooperation with national and international institutions and attract their support for our research programs.

By establishment of an advanced laboratory for molecular and cellular biology, we are going to play a prominent role in basic sciences and their application in urology and nephrology.

The medical and Islamic ethics are fully considered in our activities and responsibilities related to people. Besides, our supporters are of high concern.

The UNRC, as the first research center for kidney and urinary tract diseases, is dedicated to activities complying with the public needs, their changes and priorities, values, and essences with continuing re-evaluation of objectives and missions.

Submission: 10/8/2008, Modified: 7/16/2014